Sungard Workflow Solutions Introduces Digital Dashboard Application

Jan 07, 2005


SunGard Workflow Solutions, an operating unit of SunGard, has announced the availability of Octane8's Digital Dashboard application. Delivering real-time information from various data sources, Octane8's Digital Dashboard is a reporting and site personalization application that is designed to allow users to proactively and effectively identify business problems and potential opportunities. The Digital Dashboard presents information in a secure environment, so users can personalize their dashboard to view only the reports and information specifically needed to make critical decisions. The data queried by Digital Dashboard can be presented in pie charts, bar graphs, or other visual formats. Further, the dashboard has the ability to incorporate an unlimited number of content sections that can be customized to not only contain reports, but syndicated content such as news feeds, stock tickers, and weather information. The Octane8 Digital Dashboard reports are XML-based. Proprietary sources such as non-relational databases, queuing subsystems, character-based status screens and other formats can be adapted to feed the reports. Octane8, the foundation of the Digital Dashboard, is a Web-based application that is designed to provide rapid Web site development, content management, and collaboration for novice and advanced Web developers. Octane8 is scalable and creates a platform for a variety of business intelligence applications such as decision support tools that provide real-time and interactive access to essential corporate information.