Sun Releases Sun ONE Portal Server 6

Oct 11, 2002

Sun Microsystems Inc. has released Sun ONE Portal Server 6. Sun ONE Portal Server 6 provides an integrated, out-of-box alternative to a traditional virtual private network (VPN) solution. Using a standard Web browser, users can securely access their portal from any location. User authentication is handled over an encrypted channel between the Web browser and the Sun ONE Portal Server 6 Secure Remote Access gateway. Authentication is then proxied by the gateway using the Sun ONE Identity Server to request and confirm authentication of the user. The Sun ONE Portal Server provides security and authentication and serves as the centralized policy server for customer deployments. This functionality centralizes the security of companies' Web applications, legacy, and portals assets. The SRA solution uses standards-based privacy, security, and authentication such as SSL/TLS and cryptographic algorithms such as 3DES/AES to help ensure all communications through the Internet are delivered safely and securely to the server and the client. Pricing begins at $57,000 per CPU. The Sun ONE Portal Server is part of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) offering an open, integratable product portfolio to enable the development and delivery of Java Web services.