Sun Microsystems and Laszlo Systems Announce Collaboration

Oct 13, 2006

Sun Microsystems Inc., a creator and advocate of Java technology, and Laszlo Systems, Inc., a developer of OpenLaszlo, an open source rich internet development platform, have announced a collaboration to enable OpenLaszlo applications to run on devices supporting the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) application. Sun and Laszlo are actively contributing resources to a new project for the OpenLaszlo community, code-named Orbit.

OpenLaszlo is an open source application development platform that uses Ajax-style programming techniques, integrating XML and JavaScript, to create rich online experiences. With this endeavor, Sun and Laszlo will work together to bridge OpenLaszlo's expressive markup language, LZX, with the Java ME platform. OpenLaszlo, currently in version 3.3, was designed from its inception to support the instantaneous, no-download deployment of web applications on a set of client runtime environments. Now with further extension to support the Java ME platform, OpenLaszlo will offer development portability and flexibility across Java technology-based phones, television set-top boxes, and other connected devices. Sun and Laszlo expect to release the first demonstrable Project Orbit application running under the Java ME platform later this year.