Study Sheds Light on How Google Judges Content Quality

Sep 11, 2014

To achieve a high-ranking position on Google, websites need to include high quality content that provides a great user experience according to new research announced by Searchmetrics. The study found that high quality content covers a topic more comprehensively and is written in a way that is easier for the average person to read.

These types of pages have better user signals, such as higher click-through rates and more time spent on site. They also have shorter page load times and well-organized internal links. However, well known brand websites still rank in top positions without having to adhere to many of the criteria Google requires from other websites.

The findings come from the new US Google Rank Correlation and Ranking Factors 2014 study by Searchmetrics, a global enterprise search experience optimization platform.  This latest study analyzes search results from for 10,000 popular-keywords and approximately 300,000 websites appearing in the top 30 search results and covers key factors that correlate with a high Google ranking.