Study Says Significant Volume Of High-Risk Consumer Data Collection Seen Across Content, Commerce And Marketer Websites

May 08, 2013

Third-party data collection across many leading websites continues at significant levels while data collection via social media/sharing widgets is growing rapidly according to the third-annual Cross Industry Study (CIS) of web data collection activity from Krux.

The Krux study is solely focused on "data leakage," consumer and website data collected by companies other than the site owner, often without compensation or consent. This year Krux expanded its analysis to also include data from the top 100 e-commerce and marketer sites, as well as 50 smaller content sites.

Data collection activity that is within the website owners' control dropped by 40%.   The number of third parties observed participating in data collection continued its rise, from 168 individual companies in 2011, to 328 in 2013. Collection from higher-risk categories rose from 40% in 2012 to 46% in 2013.