Study Says Path to Effective Mobile Relationship-Building Lies in Viewing Mobile as a Business Strategy

Nov 11, 2014

In a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, conducted in partnership with SAS, 61% of marketers surveyed reveal they have deployed some form of mobile engagement. Furthermore, 54% of respondents say the mobile channel has become critical to customer interaction, retention, and brand differentiation.

Developing comprehensive mobile relationship marketing strategies largely remains an area for improvement as only 17% of marketers have mobile strategies that are fully integrated and aligned with their overarching marketing strategies. Some 31% admit that they either have no strategy or simply view mobile as a campaign and not a business strategy.

When marketers were asked to identify a brand that stood out as a leader in mobile relationship marketing, no single organization emerged, and many respondents felt that while some brands were making strides, no one brand had yet proven to be the mobile champion.

As marketers look to advance mobile, budgets and confidence in data are key challenges holding back advancement. For many organizations, the place for mobile in the overall customer engagement strategy remains undefined. Measurements must take on a decidedly business focus and move away from campaign metrics in order to match the strategic opportunity inherent in mobile. Mobile is an underfunded area, as reported by about half of the respondents, possibly leading to mobile initiatives falling short of expectations. One mobile size should not fit all, with an overwhelming majority of respondents developing one mobile experience for use across all operating systems. Yet less than one-third are creating unique experiences based on device type, OS, or behavior.