Study Finds Concert and Sporting Event Attendees are Most Social

Jul 14, 2015

Concert and sporting event attendees are most likely to share branded photos on social media, according to a new study conducted by the event marketing company Tagkast. In "The Most Social Events: What Brand Sponsors Need to Know in 2015," Tagkast analyzed the percentage of branded photos shared by consumers at more than 2,600 events in 2014 and 2015. Tagkast divided these events into two categories based on how likely consumers were to share their brand experiences to social media: events with a High Social Endorsement Scores and events with a Low Social Endorsement Scores.

This study found that concerts have the highest average share rate of 53%. In addition, 30% of Sporting Event activations have social share rates that fall between 75-100%. Other events within the category of High Social Endorsements include bar events, fundraisers, cultural festivals, and recreational activities.

Events with Low Social Endorsement Scores received share rates below 45% in the study. Such events include auto shows, conferences and expos, and home and garden events/tours. The study also found that share rates grew for all event types from the first quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2015. When analyzing how consumers are sharing their branded content now in comparison to a year ago, public social media posts are overtaking email delivery for on-site activations.