StreamGuys Launches Virtualization Service

Mar 15, 2011

StreamGuys, Inc., a streaming media and content delivery provider, is establishing a transparent virtualized platform with an economical path to 100gbps host clusters. StreamGuys launched its streaming virtualization service to provide content delivery and multimedia streaming. Virtualization separates the hardware layer from the services, which allows more storage and recovery options and increases streaming capacity. Costs are also decreased through a more efficient rack space footprint and a greener use of operating resources such as power and cooling.

The new platform enables a path to 100gbps services by standardizing on 10gbps network connectivity all the way to the physical host servers, allowing StreamGuys customers to scale for large events and bursts of traffic very easily. Founded in 2000, StreamGuys is also now expanding its data centers, including its Dupont Fabros (DFT) Data Center in Chicago, as well as in Amsterdam.