Stratify Releases Information Management Platform

Jul 18, 2003

Stratify, Inc., a provider of unstructured data management solutions, has announced the availability of the Stratify Discovery System 3.0. The Discovery System 3.0 is designed to deliver relevant information to business users as well as enable content providers and large-scale enterprises to enhance the quality and delivery of their products. Stratify Discovery System 3.0 combines search, categorization, and entity recognition (such as people, places, things, etc.) with taxonomy management capabilities. In addition, Discovery System 3.0 users can now use analytical capabilities that provide reports summarizing business information, as well as visual discovery tools for analysis and data mining. Features of Discovery System 3.0 include enterprise search, entity extraction capabilities, customized taxonomy views and facets, analytics tuned for specific groups and business processes, enhancements to the taxonomy wizard, taxonomy and topic-level security, and new workflow features.