Stratify Launches South American Operations

Jul 01, 2003

Stratify, Inc., a provider of unstructured data management, and Brasil Stratify, a Brazilian distributor, have signed an agreement upon which Brasil Stratify will become Stratify's lead distributor of the Stratify Discovery System throughout Brazil. As part of the agreement, Brasil Stratify will also offer Stratify product integration, training, technical support, and marketing initiatives. Under the terms of the agreement, Brasil Stratify will market and support Stratify's complete product suite, including the Stratify Discovery System platform and the Stratify Classification Server, together with ancillary tools, throughout the Brazilian market. Stratify and Brasil Stratify will collaborate on joint marketing activities, as well as explore platform extensions appropriate to the Brazilian market. The Stratify Discovery System is an enterprise software solution that organizes, classifies, and leverages an enterprise's unstructured information, both internal and external. The Discovery System enables customers to manage the total taxonomy lifecycle, using a combination of automated technologies, advanced analytics, and human review to create, define, test, publish, and refine taxonomies. The system's classification architecture produces document categorizations that, together with the taxonomy, can be directly integrated into the workflow of business critical applications. The system is Unicode compatible, and provides support for multiple languages in its processing pipeline, including Brazilian Portuguese, and security for managing taxonomies and their associated workflow.