StoryStream Partners With Brandwatch's Vizia to Deliver Social Content Alongside Data Visualisations

Feb 22, 2018

StoryStream, an AI-powered content marketing platform provider, announced its partnership with Brandwatch, the world's premier social intelligence group, on the launch of its Vizia data-visualization platform. The partnership will enable StoryStream's proprietary artificial intelligence-powered content management capabilities to be used within the Vizia's platform, allowing Brandwatch customers to display the social content that matters most alongside insightful data-visualizations across organizations.

StoryStream's Content Marketing Platform powered by Aura, an AI brain built for brands, unifies digital asset management, multi-channel publishing and advanced content analytics. The Platform uses Aura's advanced AI skills to centralize, manage, and publish both social and brand content directly to digital touchpoints to influence customer behavior.

With the new partnership, StoryStream can help Brandwatch customers who use Vizia to put AI enriched social content in context with its data-visualizations to deliver more engaging and authentic brand experiences.