StorageTek Introduces a New Data Archive

Jun 14, 2005

StorageTek, a provider for storing and managing critical business information, has introduced IntelliStore, an archive and compliance solution. With IntelliStore solutions, medium-size and enterprises can capture, manage and re-use their business data ranging from employee email to customer database information, as well as assign that data to the appropriate tape or disk storage system based on their performance and cost needs.

The IntelliStore solution lets companies: capture business data as it is archived or migrated; manage and migrate that data automatically based on a company's security, data protection, and regulatory requirements across all tiers of storage; use that data to deliver value.

StorageTek's IntelliStore solution is designed to represent the next generation of archive. IntelliStore archiving solution is designed to enable companies to reduce the risk of doing business by attempting to provide the tools for regulatory compliance necessary in today's global corporate governance environments. Additionally, IntelliStore's search and retrieval features are designed to allow companies to extract value from their archived data as well as meet compliance and discovery requirements within a specified period of time.

IntelliStore solutions separates itself from legacy offerings by delivering: performance and scalability, intended to enable a consolidated archive across multiple applications; fifteen times managed file capacity of its competitor; Ten to 20 times greater than legacy Content Addressed Storage; regulatory compliance enforcement; integration of compliance policy management across write-once, read-many disk and tape; investment protection for existing data storage resources; policy-based technology is intended to deliver long-term investment protection; integrated tape support leverages existing tape infrastructure; multi-tiered archive solution; use of disk for access and tape for scalability; automates compliance, data protection, and data management.

In addition to the introduction of the IntelliStore solutions, StorageTek is introducing a new archive and compliance consulting practice that is designed to help organizations assess their compliance requirements with the underlying principles of privacy and information governance. This practice is intended to leverage third-party compliance experts to help companies identify risks to information security resulting from missing or inadequate controls, and provide recommendations for action. Using industry standard methodologies and tools, the practice is designed to evaluate the processes and controls within a storage infrastructure and help customers safeguard their business and meet regulations.

IntelliStore archiving solutions will be generally available worldwide later this month through StorageTek's direct and indirect sales channels. Pricing begins at $75,000 for a four terabyte solution, with additional one terabyte increments available for $9,000 each.