Stoddard + Partners Launches Ad-Tech for Retail, TV Attribution

Aug 05, 2014


Stoddard + Partners, an ad-tech driven advertising agency providing services to support the needs of today's brands and consumers, has unveiled two proprietary products developed in partnership with Jeep, Chrysler, and Fiat. Blix, a retail analytics platform, and Tarp Tracker, a tool for brands, agencies, and broadcasters to measure TV spots and creative impact, were conceived as solutions for solving the attribution and measurement puzzle many marketers face.

Tarp Tracker measures key television metrics in real-time, including second-screen impact and campaign performance. Tarp Tracker can also monitor how many visitors a specific TV ad delivered over the trend, and how a campaign performed in terms of frequency and creative performance. On the retail front, Blix offers real-time analytical data to measure, compare, and optimize a retail network by tracking foot traffic, new vs. returning visitors, in-store customer flow, and it enables retailers to analyze marketing and operational performance by location. 

The Blix custom Dashboard also supports full API integration, enabling brands and agencies to integrate proprietary data to see exactly which marketing efforts and tactics are driving traffic and sales across your entire marketing spectrum. Unlike Beacons, Blix's 3G sensors do not require consumer engagement and work in any retail environment with no IT integration required.