Stellent and Venetica Partner

Apr 09, 2004

Venetica, a provider of enterprise content integration (ECI) software, and Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, have announced a partnership intended to enable customers to leverage the power of disparate enterprise content on behalf of initiatives such as regulatory compliance, portals, and intranets. In addition, Venetica is announcing general availability of its Content Bridge for Stellent Universal Content Management, in an effort to enable Stellent customers to access content residing in repositories outside of the Stellent system. The Content Bridge is intended to also allow applications using Venetica's VeniceBridge ECI platform to access and work with content stored in a Stellent repository as well as content stored in external sources. This architecture allows companies with a mixed environment to leverage and reuse enterprise content regardless of where it is stored.

Venetica provides customers with a single interface to content across disparate environments. Venetica solutions provide a real-time virtual view of content and workflow in place. Venetica's approach was developed to expose the two-way functionality of underlying content management and workflow systems, respect the security of those systems, and add cross-system services such as event-based notification. Venetica provides tools to develop enterprise applications that connect to content systems, and bridges to systems such as those from Stellent, FileNet, Documentum, IBM, Open Text, Microsoft, and Lotus Notes.

Stellent Universal Content Management provides a single product architecture offering Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management, and digital asset management functionalities. The system is intended to enable organizations to implement Web-based line-of-business initiatives, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide initiatives that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization.

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