Stellent Selects Xythos to Enhance Content Management Solutions; New Xythos Products Target Email and Portals

Nov 26, 2002


Stellent, Inc has licensed its Xythos Software's Xythos WebFile Client (WFC) technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Stellent will offer its customers the WFC to extend access to Stellent's flagship Stellent Content Management System. Stellent customers will have secure access to advanced WebDAV file management features such as versioning and access control from their current Windows desktops, eliminating the need for un-planned client software upgrades to WebDAV-compliant applications. The Stellent Content Management system provides a multi-layer content infrastructure encompassing content management, collaboration, and Web file sharing. The Xythos WebFile Client supplements secure browser-based file sharing by allowing any Windows desktop application to become WebDAV enabled by presenting remote resources as local drives and adding advanced collaboration features such as remote file locking and directory, folder and file level read, write, and share control to Windows Explorer menus. The WFC also helps traveling users automatically synchronize laptop files with the Stellent Content Server so that file collaboration can continue even when they are disconnected.

Xythos has also announced the next generation of its WebFile Server and WebFile Client products to combat the growing problems related to email attachments and further integrate secure file sharing into the most popular user application environments. The company's upgraded WebFile Server introduces secure file sharing within popular portal environments including the Plumtree Corporate Portal, Computer Associates' Clever Path, and Blackboard's Community Portal for education. When used in combination with email applications such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook the new Xythos products migrate historically inaccessible file information from PCs and department level servers into Internet file servers that can be safely accessed and shared by all participants in the enterprise. Unlike enterprise content management applications targeted at complex Web publishing tasks or the document processing requirements of corporate compliance departments, Xythos software is designed for the everyday user not traditionally served by more costly applications. Xythos products deliver file sharing tools that work inside the applications that users already know, in an effort to make file sharing familiar even when those applications aren't WebDAV compatible. Features such as file locking and logging, version control, and file access permissions that have been historically limited to high-end content management applications can now be controlled from any Windows desktop or browser making it easy for distributed work groups to safely share files from anywhere. For organizations intent upon providing a single Web address for all enterprise information Xythos' new portlets help to merge the worlds of published and work in progress content so that users can access and share files together within a single environment. WebFile Server portlets also help integrate user files with existing enterprise processes. In the education environment the WebFile Server supports student and faculty file sharing as it relates to course management and eLearning.