Stellent Releases Next Version of Site Studio

May 19, 2006


Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has released a new version of its multi-site management application Stellent Site Studio. Site Studio--a component of the Stellent Universal Content Management system--provides a software infrastructure for creating, maintaining, and deploying multiple internal and external Web sites. Additional Site Studio enhancements include built-in usage analytics and an expanded search engine offering. The new Site Studio Manager tool enables organizations to distribute control of day-to-day site maintenance to business units. It is a completely Web-based application designed specifically for Web site managers, and it leverages asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) techniques to ensure a rich user interface similar to applications with which business users are accustomed.

Site Studio Manager allows Web site managers to organize their Web site by modifying navigation; adding sections, such as those used for blogs; and selecting layouts from a pre-defined list of templates. The site managers navigate to the area of the Web site requiring modification, where they authenticate and begin rearranging and updating their site based upon security permissions. Web site developers can control and configure the appropriate amount of Site Studio Manager functionality exposed on a particular site. Site Studio gives Web site managers the responsibility of ensuring the right keywords and search terms are available on each Web page and site. The new version of Stellent Site Studio offers a tighter integration with Stellent's repository analytics tool, Stellent Content Tracker, designed to incorporate service and content usage analytics within Web sites. This functionality arms Web site managers with tools to better understand how their Web site is used, so they can make improvements to the site.

Site Studio now offers controlled access to Web site usage reports on the actual site and can display page "hits" directly on a Web site for site managers--helping them decide if navigation labels need to be updated or moved to a more obvious location. The tighter integration with Content Tracker also provides site managers with other useful reports such as "top searches" and "top accessed documents" by groups of users or format. Site Studio enables organizations to leverage usage analytics for searches and when building content lists in Web sites, enabling them to order and display articles by popularity or most accessed by a certain type of user.