Stellent Launches CM Product Suite for Egovernment Initiatives

Oct 11, 2002

Stellent, Inc., a provider of CM solutions, has announced the release of a content management product suite customized specifically for state and local egovernment initiatives. The new Stellent eGovernment Solution provides government agencies with a set of applications that address the broad range of egovernment programs agencies are implementing. Stellent's new product suite addresses the needs of government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-employee (G2E), government-to-government (G2G) and government-to-business (G2B) applications. Stellent G2C--For governments whose priority is publishing or redesigning their public Internet sites. G2C includes a core content repository; library services; automated publishing capabilities, including conversion to XML, HTML, WML, and PDF; automatic content categorization; and support for scanning and contributing paper-based documents. Stellent G2E is intended for governments implementing intranets or document management systems, or that need a content management back-end for an employee or citizen portal. G2E includes a content repository with library services, content categorization, and conversion to HTML. Stellent G2G was designed for inter- or intra-agency Web-based collaboration. G2G provides a secure, managed environment for handling team-based content. Stellent G2B is intended for governments needing an efficient, Web-based method for providing information to the private sector. G2B provides managed, secure content distribution, allowing governments to push content out to subscribers without manual intervention. Stellent also provides an "Implementation Assessment for State and Local eGovernment" services package designed to help government agencies identify and prioritize their content management needs.