Stellent Enhances Real Estate Solution

Jun 08, 2004

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced new features and functionality for Stellent SmartCabinet. SmartCabinet is a Web-based application designed to provide paper-intensive real estate companies and corporations with a platform to more effectively share and access documents-- such as leases, franchise contracts, insurance policies, amendments, and architectural drawings.

The SmartCabinet application's new customization features enable customers to dynamically customize and manage their vendor, tenant, and building information, including the ability to define and manage the number of drawers and folders within each cabinet. In addition, real estate users can leverage 20 text-description fields for classifying this information. This enhanced version of the application also allows customers to reconfigure and customize cabinets to more closely mirror ongoing and new projects, as well as frequently changing business processes. The SmartCabinet solution also provides real estate users more control over how and when internal and external parties access the solution. For example, users are automatically logged out of the system based on internal policies, and a user expiration feature better facilitates acquisition and disposition activities when working with third parties -- such as brokers or potential buyers.

For collaborative, team-based initiatives, Stellent offers the SmartCabinet Advanced Collaboration module that allows users to define and manage projects -- such as a building acquisition or disposition -- in a "virtual deal room" setting. With this module, real estate organizations also can move business content and documents between the central SmartCabinet repository and collaborative project environment. Complementing the SmartCabinet Advanced Collaboration module is the SmartCabinet Advanced Workflow module. This optional module provides users additional business process support, including the ability to place content and documents into a formal business workflow on an ad-hoc basis -- such as routing a vendor contract to an asset manager for review and approval. Criteria-based workflows also are supported, allowing content and documents to enter into a business process based on pre-determined content workflow parameters.

Stellent SmartCabinet is available either as an installed software package or as a rented, hosted service. Hosted service pricing is based on number of users, amount of storage used and a monthly access fee. Customers can purchase the SmartCabinet Advanced Collaboration and SmartCabinet Advanced Workflow modules as add-on features.

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