Stellent Announces New Retention Management Capabilities

Sep 27, 2005


Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced new retention management capabilities for Stellent Universal Content Management 7.5. These capabilities leverage the Stellent Records Management system, a Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 Chapter 2- and Chapter 4-certified solution. Stellent's retention policy engine has been extended to cover general content, and to allow usage analytics and other factors to drive the content retention and disposition process.

New retention management functionality in Stellent Universal Content Management addresses the needs of multiple audiences across the enterprise, including: Compliance and Legal Users, Stellent now allows compliance and legal personnel to apply disposition and retention rules to any content item, not just records; Business Users, Stellent's retention management capabilities decrease information clutter, designed to make it easier for users to find valuable and current information. Stellent Records Management also includes a new graphical method for creating user interfaces tailored to different users and/or applications; IT Groups, the Stellent system can automatically archive or delete content which has not been viewed within the past year or which includes certain usage characteristics; and Records Managers, Stellent's new retention management capabilities operate on all enterprise content in the same environment. This functionality provides records managers with a single view into all retention schedules. Stellent Records Management now generates records management reports in a variety of additional formats, including HTML, Microsoft Excel, PDF, and XML.