Stellent Announces Content Integration Suite Version 7; JSR 168-Compliant

Apr 30, 2004

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced the release of Version 7 of the Stellent Content Integration Suite and the release of the Stellent Content Portlet Suite.

With the Content Integration Suite Version 7, developers can embed Content Integration Suite directly into Java applications in order to provide integration with Stellent Universal Content Management. In either environment, the suite is designed to provide applications with real-time access to content and content management features. Stellent Content Integration Suite uses a Java Connector Architecture and Java Message Service functionality when run in a J2EE environment. This approach enables developers using J2EE-compliant systems to integrate Stellent Universal Content Management with enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. In this environment, Stellent Content Integration Suite offers access to content and leverages application server benefits, such as asynchronous messaging, connection pooling, and clustering. Stellent Content Integration Suite is priced at $30,000.

The new Stellent Content Portlet Suite is designed to enable portal developers to provide access to Stellent Universal Content Management services, such as check-in, workflow and search, via Java Specification Request (JSR) 168-compliant portal servers--such as BEA WebLogic Portal, the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite and Sun Java Enterprise System. JSR 168 enables interoperability among portlets and portals by defining a set of APIs for portlets and addressing standardization for preferences, user information, portlet requests and responses, deployment packaging, and security.

Stellent Content Portlet Suite is intended to enable users to more efficiently update, search, and view content in a secure, personalized environment. For example, users can contribute portal content by checking it directly into the portal, which results in the content being simultaneously checked into Stellent Universal Content Management. In addition, users can track the status of their content in the workflow process using the portlets, as well as browse and search content in the Stellent system, based on user roles, permissions, and metadata categories. Finally, Content Portlet Suite also provides portlets for the administration of Stellent Universal Content Management through the portal by determining, for example, which metadata options users will see and what their default values will be. Stellent Content Portlet Suite works in conjunction with version 7 of Stellent's Content Integration Suite. Content Portlet Suite is available immediately and priced at $5,000 per platform.

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