Stellent Adds XML Capabilities to Stellent Content Management

Feb 04, 2003

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced expanded XML conversion capabilities for Stellent Content Management. The new functionality enhances the Stellent system by enabling business users to automatically transform desktop application files to any XML format for presentation or application integration. Using Stellent, business users contribute content in its native file format for conversion to XML, and an eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is automatically applied based on metadata criteria. Once the new XML document is created, it is automatically validated and made available for integration with other applications or for Web presentation. Furthermore, since the XSL style sheets are managed inside the Stellent Content Server, functions such as library services, workflow and security can be applied to them. Stellent also provides an XSL for automatic conversion to the DocBook format. In addition, Stellent's new validation feature verifies the XML conversion with the Document Type Definition (DTD) specified in the user-defined XSL. If a conversion fails, Stellent Content Management creates a workflow that enables users to identify the cause of the conversion error. Stellent Content Management is designed to enable customers to rapidly deploy line-of-business Web sites as well as content management solutions for enterprise-wide initiatives to standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications. The system offers an array of content contribution and content delivery mechanisms, enabling any user to contribute content into the system for conversion, management, and delivery to consumers or applications. Stellent Content Management also integrates with existing security systems and provides business personalization features.