Steelpoint Schedules Version 5.0 Release

Jan 30, 2004


Steelpoint, a provider of legal and compliance solutions, has announced timing for the release of Introspect eCM version 5.0. As Steelpoint continues to offer version 4.5 to its clients and prospects, the company will move to beta testing in February 2004 with a new release of Introspect eCM, version 5.0. This new version represents a redesigned architecture as well as the ability to handle thousands of cases, hundreds of concurrent users, millions of documents, and tens of millions of pages in a single database.

Steelpoint's upcoming release, version 5.0, will include a variety of new features and additional functionality intended to further increase the scalability, stability, and performance of the system. With a new, scalable architecture, version 5.0 offers the ability to grow the system incrementally and handle an organization's entire caseload, large numbers of concurrent users, and the highest volumes of documents and pages, while ensuring top levels of performance. The application's newly redesigned search interface makes more user-friendly, and intuitive, and includes the ability to do more advanced searches and complex operations. Users can find, organize, and review documents faster and navigate folders more efficiently. A true multi-tiered application, Introspect offers the flexibility to integrate with various third-party applications, including time and billing, matter management, document management, and other homegrown applications.

Introspect eCM, version 4.5, is available today, and version 5.0 is expected to be generally available in Q2 of 2004. Both versions are available as in-house applications, as well as hosted solutions at Steelpoint's Legal Data Center located at EMC's corporate headquarters.