SteelHouse and Coremetrics Deliver Behavior-Based Real Time Offers and Retargeting

Mar 12, 2012

SteelHouse, Inc., a behavioral commerce company and marketing solutions provider, has partnered with IBM's Coremetrics. The joint solution combines the advertiser's online shopping data, captured by Coremetrics' web analytics tags, with SteelHouse's Retargeting and Real Time Offers to create highly personalized display ads that can be trafficked against any media placement.

Through this partnership, Coremetrics AdTarget users will have access to SteelHouse's behavioral Real Time Offer and Retargeting capabilities. The SteelHouse Behavioral Commerce Platform is designed to identify the shopping and buying behavior of customers and then act on this data by delivering retargeted or immediate offers via Real Time Offers. Real Time Offers are branded, customizable messaging campaigns delivered directly on a retailer's website.