Statistics Show Display Advertising Increases in Europe

Jun 09, 2011

Figures released by IAB Europe showed a revival in digital Display in 2010, according to the group. Thanks to an average growth rate of 21.3%, the organization reports that Display overtook Search advertising as the fastest growing online ad format in Europe. Search increased 15.1% in the same period across the 25 markets measured. Video, mobile, and social media all contributed to the powerful performance of Display.

IAB Europe's annual AdEx survey is a guide to the state of the European advertising market. Released at IAB Europe's Interact Congress in Barcelona, the survey shows the online advertising market accelerating at a growth rate of 15.3% in 2010 - outperforming the overall European advertising market, which grew 5.0% in the same period. Total online ad spend was €17.7bn in 2010, compared to €15.3bn in 2009. Market growth ranged from 37% in Russia and 24% in the Czech Republic, to 14% in Denmark and 7% in France.

Compiled by IHS Screen Digest, the research covers the entire European region.