Stampede Technologies Announces WebRider; Ships TurboGold Release 2

Jan 27, 2004


Stampede Technologies, Inc. has introduced WebRider, a software product line designed to enhance the enterprise Web application experience. WebRider is designed to take full advantage of 64-bit processing speeds with industry standard hardware. WebRider's features aid an enterprise's migration to Web-based applications including intelligent cache validation, image transformation, content aware streaming, and adaptive compression. Additionally, WebRider tracks bandwidth and throughput savings so companies can quantify its value, generating graphical reports for analysis. WebRider is designed to offer IT personnel: reduced network burden, by taking over such functions as SSL encryption, GZIP compression, and TCP connection management; accelerated data flow, using enhanced compression, data streaming, and cache schemes to take advantage of 64-bit processing, so Web-based applications operate more quickly; flexibility; reduced bandwidth demands; and reduced data storage

Stampede has also announced that it has begun shipping its TurboGold Enterprise Edition Release 2. TurboGold Enterprise Edition software is designed to help companies optimize bandwidth and data storage for Web-based, portal, and messaging/collaboration applications, by optimizing application delivery and improving network performance for Web-enabled applications. Data acceleration and storage capabilities built-in to TurboGold Enterprise Edition Release 2 include: Cache Differencing--acceleration techniques that reduce bandwidth requirements for dynamic Web applications; SSL Support--Web acceleration for SSL connections; JPEG Acceleration--Image compression and size reduction; IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 support; and IBM Lotus Domino Web Access and Team Workplace--Automatic and transparent compression of attachments to provide enterprise-wide data storage savings.