Stampede Technologies Announces WebRider Remote Campus

May 10, 2005

Stampede Technologies, Inc., a provider of acceleration solutions, has announced a technology designed for enterprise applications requiring fast and efficient access to large amounts of corporate information from remote locations. Building on the two-sided acceleration architecture of previous WebRider solutions, WebRider Remote Campus is intended to extend the WebRider family by providing the option to deploy appliances at remote sites where high speed access to centrally managed information is required.

With WebRider Remote Campus, information is retrieved once from the central location, and accessed locally by the remote users; caching and validation keep the two sides synchronized. WebRider Remote Campus provides two-way data compression, multiplexing of data transmission through its TurboStreaming technology, and local caching for performance at true LAN speeds. WebRider Remote Campus will be available in the third quarter of 2005, and is delivered as a full solution with the software pre-installed on a certified hardware platform (IBM 326). Price quotes based on license and configuration choices are available from Stampede Technologies.

The complete family of WebRider solutions employs performance-enhancing technologies such as: TurboStreaming, intelligent SSL termination, intelligent cache validation, intelligent image transformation, content-aware streaming, and adaptive compression. And, WebRider Remote Campus tracks bandwidth and throughput savings so that companies can quantify its value with the reports it generates.