Stampede Technologies Announces WebRider

Oct 22, 2004


Stampede Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of WebRider the first in its series of Web performance acceleration solutions, developed in response to enterprise customer requests for better-performing advanced enterprise Web and portal applications. WebRider operates with enterprise applications, including Peoplesoft, Plumtree, WebSphere Portal Server, IBM Team Workplace, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Domino Web Access, IBM Lotus Workplace, and more. WebRider also optimizes XML, J2EE, and .NET environments. WebRider is currently certified for compatibility with the IBM eServer line and compatibility certification is underway for other hardware platforms.

WebRider is designed to enable: Accelerated Data Flow--WebRider's software approach uses enhanced compression, data streaming, and cache schemes to take advantage of 64-bit processing. Reduced Network Processing Burden--By taking over such functions as SSL encryption, GZIP compression, and TCP connection management, WebRider allows enterprise servers to concentrate CPU power on activities that are more important. Provide Incredible Flexibility and Adaptability--WebRider is designed to offer all of these benefits to users of Web-based applications built on XML, J2EE, and .NET platforms. Demonstrable Results--WebRider monitors Web traffic and generate reports. WebRider is available now. It can be purchased as a software-only solution, or Stampede can pre-install the application on an IBM eServer and ship the entire integrated software/hardware solution.