Squarespace Announces Squarespace 7

Oct 09, 2014


Squarespace, an all-in-one web publishing and e-commerce platform, has announced Squarespace 7. The new platform features a redesigned interface, simplified site editing controls, a cover page builder, integration with Getty Images with access to tens of millions of premium creative and editorial images, integration with Google Apps for Work, 15 new category-specific templates, and more.

Access to Squarespace 7 will be given on a rolling basis to select groups of existing Squarespace customers, who will gain access via the Website Manager dashboard of their account.

The Squarespace interface and content now live side-by-side within the browser; handy annotations appear on everything that you might want to change on your Squarespace site. The splash page builder, complete with 10 new templates of its own, can be added to any existing Squarespace site and is perfect for creating quick landing pages to communicate a personal identity or promote a new product.

Powered by Getty Images, Squarespace's new image picker brings tens of millions of high-quality creative and editorial photos, spanning breaking news and major events, into the customer's hands. Squarespace's template design store now features 15 new templates, built specially for different focus areas such as weddings or restaurants.

Customers in need of robust business features can easily set up email accounts, schedule events, and gain access to file storage using Google Apps for Work. With the Developer Platform formally exiting beta, more experienced developers and designers can create a fully customized website built and hosted on Squarespace's platform, ensuring a successful experience for clients and designers alike.