Squadeo Releases Hybrid Web Player in Response to Browser Technology Silos

Sep 08, 2015

Squadeo is announcing at IBC in Amsterdam a hybrid player for PC that helps video service providers to overcome the technology silos created by companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft on their browsers. The internet giants impose their streaming and DRM formats, and video service providers have no choice but to adapt when browser technology changes are announced.

For instance, following Google's announcement that the NPAPI plug-in in Chrome will not be supported any more, service providers who wish to continue to serve their customers who watch video on the Chrome browser are now forced to implement new streaming and DRM formats with additional costs, and with associated implementation risks. Microsoft provides no support of the ActiveX plug-in in its Edge browser, and PlayReady is the only natively supported DRM. Apple does not allow the deployment of DASH on its platform, and uses Fairplay for iOS and Safari.

Squadeo's solution is an alternative for service providers who wish to save costs and maintain some independence. They can re-use their existing HLS streaming protocol, DRM, and website. Consequently, a new solution can be put in place quickly with limited cost of change and risks of service failure by deploying new technologies.