Springshare Launches SMS Reference For LibAnswers

Apr 08, 2010

Springshare, a Web 2.0 library app developer, announced the addition of an SMS Reference module to its LibAnswers platform. The module enables libraries to receive texted reference questions from their customers, adding text messaging to the other mediums supported by LibAnswers, such as Twitter and the web.

The SMS Reference Module is integrated into the LibAnswers workflow. Librarians get email and IM notifications for incoming SMS questions and can collaborate on answers, claim questions, and pass notes. A wide variety of SMS statistics enables libraries to examine such details as the monthly/daily/hourly distribution of SMS questions, as well as compare SMS stats with Twitter and Web reference stats. An optional LibAnswers Analytics tool also lets libraries analyze and evaluate the trends and staffing needs of each reference channel.

With the exception of a one-time setup fee of $149, Springshare is offering the SMS Reference Module to libraries free of usage charges for the first year. This includes 400 messages per month. Any unused messages are carried from month-to-month, for 4,800 messages total. After the free first year, a variety of plans are available, starting at $30 per month.