Springer and TEMIS Further Semantic Collaboration

May 24, 2011


Springer Science+Business Media extended its collaboration with TEMIS to work on semantic enrichment and content linking for the SpringerLink platform. SpringerLink is one of the largest distribution platforms for STM ebooks and digital journals. TEMIS's Luxid content enrichment platform combines linguistic and statistical methods to calculate semantic relatedness among SpringerLink's millions of publications. After this step, each available article or book chapter automatically recommends a selection of relevant, related documents, without separate editorial efforts.

TEMIS provides enterprise-level semantic content enrichment solutions. The recent extension of its partnership with Springer is designed to expand the document linking approach, developing links between documents as well as between documents and concepts that originate from structured domain-specific vocabularies and to key topics derived from the documents' content.

(www.springer.com, www.temis.com)