Springer Nature and The Open University Launch a Computer Science Ontology (CSO)

Jan 10, 2019

Springer Nature and the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of The Open University are partnering to provide a comprehensive Computer Science Ontology (CSO) to a broad range of communities engaged with scholarly data. CSO can be accessed free of charge through the CSO Portal, a web application that enables users to download, explore, and provide feedback on the ontology.

Ontologies of research areas are important tools for characterizing, exploring, and analyzing a research landscape. This CSO contains information about 14,000 research topics and was automatically generated by means of the specialized data mining technologies developed by the team at the Knowledge Media Institute. The companies say, this resource presents several advantages over alternative taxonomies: it is produced entirely automatically and therefore can be regularly updated with little effort; it is generated from a very large corpus of publications in computer science, and it provides a fine-grained characterization of this field of study. Indeed, this CSO is about an order of magnitude larger than other current characterizations of this field.

The CSO currently supports a variety of tools and research prototypes for classifying and recommending research publications, making sense of research dynamics, modelling the evolution of research communities, and forecasting research trends.

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