Springer Launches SpringerReference.com

Jun 23, 2011

Springer Science+Business Media launched SpringerReference.com, a new platform for researchers and both academic and corporate libraries. The site offers editions of Springer's e-references well in advance of their print editions across every subject. Scientists can use the platform to submit updates to articles whenever they want. SpringerReference.com is designed to offer a way to quickly publish major reference works, which need to be constantly updated.

The Live eReference updates submitted by scientists are peer reviewed to ensure that all content on SpringerReference.com meets Springer's standards. The updates are all accessible on one single platform and are interlinked with each other. New articles can easily be added and existing ones updated. At launch, the new SpringerReference.com will provide access to 146 major reference works, corresponding to about 185,000 articles and 220,000 pages. The platform will grow as updates and content are added.