SpringCM to Provide Content Management On-Demand

Feb 03, 2006

SpringCM has launched as an on-demand content management company for businesses of all sizes. SpringCM provides a way of making sure everyone is on the same document by removing the barriers that businesses have learned to tolerate, such as storage waste, email attachments, and dumb network drives. The company will deliver a suite of on-demand, integrated subscription solutions that incorporates enterprise search, remote storage, collaboration, and content distribution technologies.

By combining software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies with a complete and integrated solution, SpringCM can provide any business an alternative to installed client server solutions. With SaaS there is no need to install or download the software, so SpringCM customers can create an online account and begin using the site within minutes. SpringCM also is designed to enhance value for its customers and partners through Web services and integration.