SpringCM Releases SpringCM 3.9

Jul 27, 2007

SpringCM has released SpringCM 3.9, designed with versions of the SpringCM Proposal Accelerator and Contract Accelerator for Salesforce.com, which are designed to help Salesforce.com users to manage documents, streamline collaboration, accelerate revenue, and maintain greater efficiency throughout the sales process. SpringCM can be configured to display documents in any Salesforce.com object including cases, contracts, campaigns, and custom objects. SpringCM is designed as a master document repository, linking both Salesforce.com users and non-users across all functions in the enterprise. SpringCM offers fully-integrated, comprehensive workflow and document management capabilities. The SpringCM workflow engine pushes the resulting data directly to Salesforce.com and updates the records. Contacts in Salesforce.com may be added to SpringCM so they can participate in document-centric processes directly from their Salesforce.com interface.