SpringCM Announces Contract Accelerator and Proposal Accelerator for Salesforce.com

Mar 23, 2007

SpringCM, a provider of on-demand content management solutions, has announced SpringCM for Salesforce.com, available through AppExchange. The combined solution integrates an on-demand document management platform with a Customer Relationship Management platform at critical touch points in the sales process, designed to help Salesforce.com users accelerate deal closure and produce quality proposals.

SpringCM for Salesforce.com includes SpringCM Contract Accelerator, designed to enable organizations to automate contract generation from within Salesforce.com and then collaborate internally and with customers on negotiated edits, and SpringCM Proposal Accelerator, which allow distributed sales teams to re-use best practice proposals, coordinate presentations to prospects and customers, and collaborate on RFPs, directly from within any Salesforce.com account or opportunity record. In addition, SpringCM allows for tailored delivery options including fax and mail-on-demand. A standard SpringCM subscription includes scalable, secure document management, scanning and optical character recognition to manage faxes, scanned documents, full text search, business process, and a full suite of tools to collaboratively create, edit, update, and publish documents.