Spotplex Launches Content Aggregation Service

Jul 03, 2007

Spotplex Inc. has launched its new content aggregation service. Featuring a revamped user interface and new functionality for both contributors and consumers, Spotplex provides a ranking of content spanning a range of subjects. Using an algorithm-based measuring system to analyze reader behavior in real-time, Spotplex provides a 24x7 resource for diverse content of unlimited subject scope, from mainstream to niche interests. With this new version, Spotplex incorporates even more community features such as user comments, designed to allow readers to communicate with one another. It also features an OpenID-based user account system to allow for more access. Finally, new graphical tools by each post are designed to give consumers additional insight into both the article and blog traffic.

Spotplex also offers benefits to bloggers. By inserting a single line of HTML code into their sites, content providers can instantly begin tracking the number of article reads, which is dynamically updated on the Spotplex site. This is designed to provide more accurate insight into content and blog rankings and drives traffic to sites with content, regardless of size or subject matter. Spotplex also provides bloggers with downloadable widgets that can instantly track and analyze reader traffic as well as list other articles on their site to help to retain readers once they arrive. To further level the blogosphere, Spotplex provides a relative popularity measure by which article reads are measured relative to a site’s overall traffic, rather than by volume alone. This is designed to allow smaller blogs to compete with those with much larger audiences.