Spotify Introduces New Features for iOS App

Mar 04, 2013

Spotify announced the release of their updated iOS app version 0.6.0. This update has been released to address some known issues but also to launch new features. It includes fixes to a few bugs, such as having "Now Playing" showing while the phone is locked. Additionally, there have been reported complaints from iPhone 5 users that the old Spotify app did not accommodate the new phone's screen size particularly well.

New features in Spotify iOS version 0.6.0 include a new sidebar that allows users to easily search, choose a playlist or access the radio; a persistent "Now Playing" bar shows up on the bottom of the screen so that information on what's playing is more visible; in the new track menu, users can add songs to a playlist or a queue, 'star' them or share them with friends; "Shuffle Playing" a playlist used to keep shuffle turned on indefinitely but now it automatically turns off at the conclusion of a playlist.