Spokata Launches Text-to-Speech Mobile Audio Platform for Real-Time News

Dec 12, 2017

Spokata, a mobile audio platform for real-time news, announced the launch of its website and iOS app. Spokata streams real-time audio content from over 100 verified digital news sources, using a combination of its proprietary algorithms and Polly, an Amazon AI text-to-speech service.

Spokata says that within seconds of articles posting online, the app generates audio summaries, providing users with short, fact-based streams. Spokata’s intuitive interface allows users to easily create personalized news playlists or browse a wide range of channels. While listening, users can get more depth by tapping Spokata’s links for instant access to the original article associated with the stream. Plus, whenever users return, they will always find the latest news at the top of their channels.

Key features of the Spokata iOS app and website include:

  • Dynamic content network - The network transforms breaking news from over 100 verified digital news sources
  • Daily Briefing - The top stories from around the world are automatically compiled into a short briefing delivered every morning
  • Custom playlists -  Cue up stories from across Spokata’s channels to create your own personal radio station
  • Social media friendly - Spokata makes audio more shareable than ever. Users can make sure their friends are on top of the news, and know what they care about, by sharing audio through integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

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