Speedera and Macromedia Announce Flash Video Streaming Service Live Version

Sep 14, 2004

Speedera Networks Inc., a provider of on-demand distributed application hosting and content delivery services, and Macromedia have announced the immediate availability of a live video version of Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera, which is delivered using its on-demand network and server infrastructure. To further support the introduction of the new live version of Flash Video Streaming Service, Speedera has also formed partnerships with design firms to offer a free trial of the service along with a discount on creative development services.

The new live version of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera enables enterprises and other organizations to stream live corporate communications events, deliver distance learning, stage live entertainment events, communicate with clients, and deliver other live streaming broadcasts without setting up and maintaining their own streaming server hardware and network infrastructure. This hosted solution powered by Speedera is built on Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX and integrated directly into the delivery, tracking, and reporting structure of Speedera's globally distributed, on-demand network. Enterprises can also take advantage of Speedera's SpeedSuite set of complementary services, including digital delivery, content monetization, security, business continuity, infrastructure management, and business intelligence. The service can be used to reach either external audiences over the Internet or internal audiences through an IP-based intranet.

Standard features in the live version of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera include: automatic tracking and report generation; video streaming that begins when viewers click "play;" upload of Flash Video (FLV) files or live streams to a streaming network without having to set up and maintain video servers; and a live video encoder. Similar capabilities are also available in the on-demand version of Flash Video Streaming Service that Speedera also offers.

In an effort to spur adoption of this new technology, Speedera has formed partnerships with Flash design houses to offer a solution for creating, hosting, and delivering live and on-demand Flash video streaming. The offer includes a free trial of Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera (for up to 300 gigabytes of data transfer or 30 days, whichever comes first), a free skin for Macromedia Flash Player, and $500 worth of free creative development services. Speedera is actively recruiting more design firms to join in its partner program.