Speedera Provides Content Delivery Services in China

May 03, 2005

Speedera Networks Inc., a provider of on-demand distributed hosting and content delivery services, has announced Speedera SinoCDN, a service for in-country delivery of Web content within China. Other content delivery solutions for China either rely on a China-only delivery network, without corresponding capability for global delivery, or attempt to deliver to Chinese Web users from servers located outside China. Using edge servers within China itself, the Speedera SinoCDN service is designed to provide a bridge between multinational enterprises' Web sites and their online customers in China.

Although Speedera is a U.S.-headquartered company, SinoCDN complies with Chinese government licensing requirements. The SinoCDN service uses a network of points of presence covering network carriers (such as China Netcom, China Telecom and China Unicom) within China - a network which is in turn integrated into Speedera's globally distributed network in an effort to provide a seamlessly integrated delivery solution for both China and the rest of the world. The SinoCDN service is available immediately. Pricing is usage-based and requires a minimum commitment with a one-year contract.