Speedera Introduces Smart Storage Manager

Sep 16, 2003

Speedera Networks has announced the introduction of Smart Storage Manager, a policy-based storage management service that is designed to enable companies to place the most popular streaming media and downloadable content on a globally distributed network of servers, closer to users. Using a configurable policy-based management system, customers can define trade-offs between best performance and lowest cost storage, including the ability to automatically identify the most frequently requested content and pre-position it on the largest possible edge server network, while less popular content is delivered from lower cost, centralized servers.

Using Smart Storage Manager, site administrators can set policies for several aspects of controlling the delivery of their content, including a popularity threshold that must be reached before a file will be moved from central storage to edge storage locations - while a maximum quota of edge storage can also be pre-defined to keep costs under control.

Smart Storage Manager is designed to optimize the use of the edge storage quota by migrating content files to only those edge locations where the content is frequently requested. For example, edge storage in Paris will typically be populated with different files than edge storage in New York, since the top 10 songs requested in Paris will be different from the top 10 songs that users are requesting in New York.