Spatial Systems Launches

Dec 14, 2004

Spatial Systems, Inc. has announced its formation as a software development company focused on creating and marketing products to simplify Web browsing and Internet use. The company's initial technology is designed to gather information about how a user interacts with the Web and display that information in an easy-to-navigate format, with visual, temporal, and spatial cues instead of bookmarks and history files. This software will be based on portraying an intuitive representation of the user's Internet browsing habits, using spatial and temporal references that more closely resemble the way people actually process information. The program will also track, categorize, and weight the user's online navigation habits and definitions, along with providing map-like and time-line display options. Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, Spatial Systems' executive team includes Matthew Gundersen, founder and CEO; Glenn T. Taylor, product manager; Stephen C. "Chris" Hixson, program developer; and Todd J. Orullian, financial consultant.