SparkPost to Acquire eDataSource to Offer Industry’s First Fully Integrated Email Sending and Analytics Platform

Oct 31, 2019

SparkPost, an email sending platform, announced the intent to acquire eDataSource, a provider of email deliverability solutions and performance insights. SparkPost powers the world’s largest email senders and delivers SparkPost Signals, an innovative, predictive email intelligence solution to market. eDataSource’s inbox performance insights and reputation management will help SparkPost deliver the first fully integrated email sending and analytics platform.

According to SparkPost research, nearly two-thirds of marketers state that email is the most important revenue-driving channel for their business. However, many marketers leave substantial revenue on the table by failing to optimize the email sending layer. Nearly one in five emails never reaches its intended recipient, often due to poor engagement management, sender reputation, and outdated email lists. 

The blended offering delivers: 

  • Enhanced predictive inbox performance insights
  • Increased email engagement and conversion
  • Illustration of how emails are performing in the context of a larger marketing campaign
  • The easiest solution, provided by a single vendor 

Marketers will achieve significantly better results through SparkPost’s combination of sending and inbox placement analytics, enabling new insights and optimizations not currently possible with separate solutions. Existing customers will see significant benefits with SparkPost powering eDataSources Inbox Tracker, layering in a world-class email data footprint and sending platform.

There will also be no need to allocate time for incorporating manual processes or implementing complex integration to implement the optimization techniques and learnings. New capabilities, such as automatic seeding and real-time blacklist alerting that is weighted to actual sending patterns, will be used to deliver the simplest way to leverage analytics, without intensive customer integration. 

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