Sosius Releases OpenSosius API

Mar 07, 2008


Sosius, a provider of online collaboration and business social networking, announced the release of its free API--OpenSosius--which intends to allow third parties to integrate their productivity applications or build custom online and desktop applications into the core Sosius platform. The release of OpenSosius sets the stage for the integration of third-party services, allowing Sosius to provide its users with online applications, such as online word processors or e-signing systems, while opening up a new sales and marketing channel for vendors. OpenSosius, a complete data API, will allow developers to: Extract or integrate Sosius users' network data with additional functionality or tools; Post and extract all data directly to and from all item types such as files, folders, databases, and more; Fully integrate Sosius online storage and collaboration tools within users' desktops; and Work with open standards such as oAuth, XFM, and FOAF.