Sosius Adopts New Business Model in Web Collaboration

May 09, 2008


Sosius announced the launch of its new business model. Sosius supports customer adoption and growth with its ‘usage basis’ pricing structure, allowing customers to pay for what they use, not the number of members or groups with which they interact. With this business model, Sosius challenges the ‘per user’ and ‘per workspace’ pricing established by other collaboration. Unlike per user pricing structures that restrict the number of users, Sosius hopes its customized solutions will support customer growth. In addition to its usage-based pricing plans, Sosius will provide an ‘a la carte’ menu to allow customers to pick and choose additional features such as increased storage and bandwidth and higher levels of customer support and security. As the company continues to develop new applications and to partner with other providers of online collaboration and networking tools, Sosius users will have the ability to create customized solutions that meet the needs of their business.