Sony Develops "TransferJet"

Jan 08, 2008

Sony announced "TransferJet", a new Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology enabling the high speed transfer of large data files (photos, HD images, etc.) between electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital video cameras, computers, and TVs. Using this technology, data can be sent at speeds of 560Mbps. TransferJet is a wireless technology that eliminates the need for complex setup and operation. For example, just touching a TV with a digital camera enables photos to be instantaneously displayed on the TV screen. Alternatively, downloaded music content can be enjoyed by touching a mobile phone to a portable audio player. TransferJet can be used as a Universal Interface among a wide variety of consumer electronics devices.

Main features of TransferJet include: Simple interface and intuitive operation; Realizing stable high speed data transmission; and the "TransferJet Coupler", which maintains high transmission gain and coupling in near-field proximity, while providing sharp attenuation over longer distances to avoid interference with other wireless systems.