Sonic Solutions Launches Technology and IP Licensing Program for DVD-on Demand

Jan 05, 2007

Sonic Solutions, a provider of digital media software, has launched Qflix, a licensing and certification program to enable the legal, secure, and reliable burning of video content to DVDs playable on standard and high-definition players. The Qflix technology and intellectual property program allows factory, in-store, and in-home systems for on-demand, electronic sell-through of movies and video programs that can be recorded to DVD with Content Scramble System (CSS) encryption. The Qflix brand will appear on compatible drives, media, and video download services as a symbol for consumers looking for "purchase, download, and burn" home solutions.

The Qflix licensing and certification program is designed to enable content owners, service providers, and manufacturers of media, PC DVD writers, network-connected DVD recorders, set-top boxes, and software to create compatible and interoperable DVD-on-Demand solutions. The program involves services that include detailed technical information, certification testing, and an intellectual property license pool formed by Sonic and its technology partners to enable media and drive manufacturers to create optical discs and drives for recording CSS-encrypted video. Two different programs are being put into place: Qflix, for direct consumer use, and Qflix Pro, for enterprise use. Rolling out in early 2007, Qflix Pro will enable replication facilities to manufacture DVDs at the time of online order. Qflix Pro will also enable self-service and retailer-managed movie kiosks that will be placed in stores to broaden the selection of available movies by augmenting physical product with a virtual inventory.

The consumer Qflix program will follow Qflix Pro and will support, promote, and extend the DVD Forum's new disc format, which is mandated to be completed in January 2007. The consumer-branded Qflix program will allow manufacturers of DVD recorders and media, in addition to online movie delivery services, to establish secure, reliable, and compatible in-home solutions for recording downloaded entertainment on computers and consumer electronic devices such as set-top boxes, networked DVD recorders, and DVRs.