Sonic Foundry Releases Mediasite VL400 and Mediasite RL400

Jun 11, 2004

Sonic Foundry Inc., a rich media solutions company, has introduced a new family of rich media recorders developed as part of the company's Mediasite line. The products, Mediasite VL400 and Mediasite RL400, are designed to enable enterprise customers to record and distribute rich media content for effective corporate communications, Web-based education, online training, product marketing, and related applications. The new AV-ready products build on the company's real-time rich media technology first introduced three years ago. The new rich media recorders announced are designed to easily integrate into meeting and lecture rooms to transparently record everything presented or projected, thereby maximizing existing infrastructure investments.

Mediasite VL400 is a multi-channel recorder for video conferencing applications. Available as a rackmount or tabletop system, the Mediasite VL400 captures and synchronizes audio and video as well as all graphics and visuals presented during two-way video conferences. Conferences also can be recorded and burned to a CD for offline viewing, or streamed via the Web for live and on-demand desktop access. Web-based participants can interact live via Mediasite's instant messaging and polling capabilities, or watch the archive of the conference proceedings in its entirety.

Features and capabilities of the Mediasite VL400, include: Compatibility with systems from major video conferencing manufacturers, including Polycom, Tandberg, Sony and VTEL; VersaVisual technology enables the real-time capture of multi-source, multi-format visual content from a variety of analog and digital sources to create a high-resolution rich media file for playback; RapidRecord feature provides VCR-like simplicity for presenters to start and stop recording presentations on the fly; Flexibility to stream content live or on-demand; Multi-point conference recording without requiring connection to the MCU; Auto indexing provides full navigation to different points within a session; and Integrates with room automation and AV control systems.

Mediasite RL400 is the newest advancement of Sonic Foundry's Web presentation system, previously known as Mediasite Live. Mediasite RL400's dual-channel, real-time processing is intended to eliminate authoring or post-production requirements and deliver speed and versatility. The new rack-mountable Mediasite RL400 is designed as a stand-alone presentation recorder that allows customers to capture presentations without the need for backend server connection. It comes in a more compact design that facilitates integration within existing AV environments and provides organizations with additional power and workflow flexibility for automating the set-up, capture, and recording processes for rich media Web presentations.

New features and capabilities include: Control Systems Interoperability, a new interface known as the Mediasite Control Interface Protocol (MCIP) gives system designers the ability to integrate Mediasite into their AV solutions by providing touch-panel recording capabilities directly from any podium or lectern. The fixed set of commands can be remotely triggered from external interfaces, including IP, RS232 and USB. RapidRecord gives presenters the ability to quickly start and stop recording presentations on-the-fly. VersaVisual enables the capture of multi-source, multi-format visual content from a variety of analog and digital sources. Publish to Flash converts Mediasite content for playback as Flash. Enhanced Security Management allows organizations to manage distribution and authorization of their content by providing various levels of user authentication parameters and thresholds for viewing content. Reporting and Tracking gives organizations the ability to see who's logged on to view content, what they watched and for how long.

Mediasite RL400 ($21,950) and Mediasite VL400 (price to be determined based on final specifications) can be ordered directly from Sonic Foundry or through its resellers and systems integrators starting in July. The products are expected to ship in September. The mobile presentation recorder, Mediasite ML ($24,950), which began shipping in fall 2003, also is available.