Solve Media Launches Mobile Advertising Platform

Jun 27, 2013

Solve Media, the leader in guaranteed performance-based online branding, unveiled its responsively designed mobile advertising platform. The new platform delivers native, premium ads via the mobile web and mobile app on both tablets and smartphones. The ads are delivered full screen and at high resolution to promote a positive user experience by offering access to mobile content in exchange for ad engagement. Songza and Unilever are among the early adopters of the Mobile TYPE-IN platform.

Solve Media built upon its TYPE-IN solution to create a responsive and engaging mobile platform, which prompts users to type in a brand message in order to access valuable content on mobile and tablet devices. An example of Solve Media's mobile platform can be found on Songza, which presents its users with a Mobile TYPE-IN in exchange for a long period of uninterrupted music.

Solve Media also offers the ability to measure performance in mobile advertising. Recent research conducted with Unilever showed 87% lift for purchase intent (comScore mobile norms: 23%), and 122% lift in awareness (comScore mobile norms: 48%) for Wish-Bone salad dressings, using Solve Media's Mobile TYPE-IN platform.